In everything, for every person, there is always SomethingElse.
Live Actively - Think, See, Do... Be SomethingElse
A dynamic resource containing inspiration, motivation, and connections for active adults.

If you’re looking ahead to many active years, you’ll want to explore new ways to share activities, try something new, and actively go for more of what you already crave. For everyone who embraces an active lifestyle, SomethingElse Active is meant to be the one place where you find useful resources supporting your healthy active lifestyle.

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Active Connections

If you’re interested in discovering ways to sustain your passion for living actively, have an appetite for investigating healthy choices that are so good you just have to share, and you enjoy socializing with like-minded active people, Active Connections is not only a good place to start but a place you’ll want to return.

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Bring Them Along

If you love what you do to stay active, we’re fairly certain you invest time, energy and money to do it. Success with everything in life is often sweeter when shared. Include friends, family, coaches, teammates, (ok and maybe even proclaimed fans).

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