Multi-day road biking tips – Ready in 60 days

Registering for my first multi-day road biking event is easy but I now realize the countdown for CHECK-IN is 60 days!

Follow my blog over 60 days. I’ll highlight tasks, aha moments, resources and multi-day road biking tips.  For a few years now, I anxiously await my friend’s posts with snapshots from her days of road biking at this annual festival in Moab, Utah.  Still smiling, with some of the most spectacular terrain as a backdrop everyone photographed appears satisfied and has that look that says, “Oh ya – I am doing this again!” Every year I think, “Next year I’ll sign up to ride Moab! Every year there are good reasons to postpone yet again.  This year, I am encouraged and supported by family and my enthusiastic cycling friend who loves opportunities to climb mountain roads and go miles and miles on her road bike. While clicking through pages on the festival website, I landed on the registration page and I actually did it! – I hit “submit!” Instantly, I received confirmation: “You’re going to Moab Skinny Tire Festival!”

What am I thinking?

Over the next 60 days, this blog series will feature everything I can think of to prepare for a multiple day road biking event. And I’m doing it for two good reasons:

One: This written account is for me to recollect effort and findings when I’m asked, “How was that multi-day road biking event? How do you prepare for something like that? Then, “Wow.  Was it all worth it?”

Two: Writing with you in mind, I’m giving you, someone whose e-radar picked up this blog on multi-day road biking, a forum to learn somethingelse that helps when looking forward to your next, longer road ride. I’m hoping you will feel less need to reinvent the wheel when it’s time for you to prepare for any road bike ride.  You’re invited to “drop-in” anytime. I’ll give you my perspective, experience, and ideas – it’s likely we’ll have a few in common. My readers and I appreciate every positive comment submitted to this blog series. I hope you will discover a few “nuggets” to consider for your bike riding experiences. I know for certain I’m thinking through possible scenarios and preparing as much as possible and believing the same is true for you. There will be a few surprises over the course of the festival. It’s not possible to think of everything. What I’ve learned is that unexpected events can be tough but often turn out to be the foundation for lasting memories and great material for stories worthy of telling many times over. However, being prepared and managing the unexpected means enjoying more “real time” fun every day of the road bike festival.

What do I need to be thinking?

There are so many aspects of multi-day road biking to consider in this short 60-day window. My physical, mental, spiritual, social well-being and fiscal responsibility are plenty to consider! I know from experience, otherwise known as “years in life”, the success of how things turn out is, in reality, a feeling of joy beyond compare with my expectations. Believe me, when you decide to “go for it” and you invest even a modest amount of time, energy, and money; you hold expectations. I make it a habit of choosing experiences that offer elements considered “beyond my control” such as weather and things that occur regardless of my choices.  I have come to respect those unexpected elements, the challenges they present and, in turn, opportunities to become stronger in some way. Choosing to workout in a gym instead of riding my road bike at night, on a river parkway trail, lacks adventure but it’s definitely efficient, more predictable, and a consistent training environment!

Time to prepare and roll

So this is my usual “MO” (Method of Operation or Modus Operandi) for a starting point- the deadline, cut off, the drop dead point.  I’ve been known to make one up if the claim is that there is none.  To be on time for any deadline, I work backward. So, my highest priorities for my ride are at the top of my prep list and essential by check-in, 60 days from now.

  1. Roll in on time for Moab Skinny Tire Festival check-in.
  2. My bike is ready to ride.
  3. Comfortable clothing and accessories arrive with me.

Oh if only preparation is as simple as checking off three items. Digging in, there are more To-dos’ than I imagined. Making travel arrangements, choosing the right clothing, shopping for accessories and sustenance…(breath here) lodging logistics, budgeting activities, and forethought for family and friends, sans (without) bikes, wanting to cheer you on through the last mile. I’ll write about meeting up with friends and greeting new people with whom we share at least one thing in common – a road bike.

Regardless of what I do from now until the official check-in, the kick-off time has not changed. The countdown continues – less than 60 days. Follow this proactive blog series packed with multi-day road biking tips and most likely, a few unrehearsed moments.

Moab Skinny Tire Blog Series

This is a series of posts dedicated to my Moab Skinny Tire Festival experience. Read the next blog in the series here


  1. Woo Hoo! This is so exciting. ‘This’ being both the launch of your site and your bike adventure in Moab! Congrats. I’m excited to follow along and cheer via the web. Big Hugs!

    • Thanks Cassie! Maybe in the near future, we can meet in the middle of our country for a ride or hike and share our favorite energy snack; peanut butter and sliced apples : -)

  2. How can the Moab Skinny Tire festival be anything but wonderful: Cycling through one of our nation’s most beautiful places, breathing fresh clean air and hanging with fun like minded people! A combination guaranteed to bring smiles and happiness to everyone participating!

    • Can’t wait to finally get to ride Moab! In all your accounts of past Moab Skinny Tire Festivals, you have never been disappointed. In fact, every year you experience plenty of awesomeness! Thanks for encouraging me to sign up to ride in this event, plan for loads of fun and for helping me relax with this coaching tip – “training is optional.”

  3. Eager to get to share this adventure with you! Thanks for making it happen. Keep sharing your prep!

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