Roll-in ready & on time for road bike events

What is the best approach to use in order to be “ready and on time?”

It’s truly personal. Simply be sure you DO have an approach, call it tactics, and make it your own.

I begin with “pre-panic”.  That’s right, I pre-panic or intensely prepare and therefore seldom see the need to get panicky when the unexpected inevitably happens. It’s one “exercise” that leads me to feel incredibly “flexible.”  Keeping it simple to prioritize, I consider only my bike, Dartha, and me.  Rolling in on time is obviously important and being ready to do just that for any event whether it’s a multi-day road biking event or something else, requires a timetable of to-do’s. Here are a few basic steps that work for me.


Create and work from a single list with only 2 categories

My bike needs:

  • Coordination and Logistics: How do I get Dartha from here to there and back?
  • Accessories for safety
  • Fit for multiple days of riding comfort
  • Service for safety and smooth riding
  • Gear that tracks and records my ride
  • DIY kit for quick repair

I need:

  • Coordination and logistics:
    • Check-in day
    • Travel
    • Lodging
    • Pre-paid event or local area activities
  • Ride-time on my bike
  • Balance or increase exercise
  • Time to try out food choices for good nutrition and energy on longer rides
  • Take hydration seriously and choose the best method for me
  • Make clothing choices and wear them on my training rides.  (Note to self: Get out of your California comfort zone and try inclement or cold weather days).


What do I absolutely need-to-do and when? How do I prioritize choices for multi-day road biking?

As long as there is time, there will be choices. When there are so many things to consider within a short time frame and limited budget, I boil all my choices down to need.  I remember being a grand part of our daughters’ weddings and wanting everyone to be happy with everything and have the very best time ever.  Well, I (collectively –we) soon realized that suitable choices could only be made until “time’s up”- event day! Experience tells me; if I can make a basic list of 10 or 12 needs, I may only need to make two passes back over the list to fine tune it!

“First Pass”

I go back to my list and highlight items which, if I run out of time or money, it won’t interfere with me satisfying the main reasons I signed up for the Moab Skinny Tire Festival:

I’m looking forward to a social atmosphere filled with people who love to ride road bikes. No doubt these like-minded folks enjoy hiking too so I’ll be open for tried and true suggestions for all that the Moab area has to offer.  I can’t wait to spend time outdoors doing one of my favorite sports riding through the incredible scenery of Moab on a road bike, not from a car and not by MTB (Moab is almost synonymous with mountain biking).

When I’m satisfied I have nothing more to highlight, I fill in a few details for each need category.

“Second Pass”

I arrange the needs by prioritizing and considering how much time it may take to accomplish each one. Then, I confidently choose what I need to do before “time’s up”.  For example:  I could move bike fit to the top if I want to get it done in time for me to ride it a bit and bring it in one more time if it needs some last minute tweaking. (Hmm—note to self: Be open to a Plan B but don’t spend time create one unless it becomes necessary)

There is one destination bike festival tip I’d like you to keep in mind. When you choose an event so amazing that people return year after year to participate, you can definitely expect plenty of company. There are so many activities that lodging, eating establishments, retail stores, and rental shops will be impacted by a crowd of participants and guests.  The point I’d like to make is; while I’m focusing on preparing for what is foreseeable, I hope to take changes and unexpected challenges as part of the gratifying opportunities that come with a multi-day road bike festival.  At any rate, I’m starting to feel like I can manage quite a bit in advance of my arrival – checking in on time and ready to roll!

My bike Dartha is so named because someone once said,  “She looks like a bike for Darth Vader.” So, because she is matte black purple detailing, she’s somethingElse.  Dartha and I ride well together – on the Light side.  Her brand manufacturer’s real name (model) for her, Contessa, may be more familiar to those of you who know the Scott brand. Here’s a “head shot” of Dartha at home in California.  Can’t wait for Moab for the truly dramatic photo ops!

Road bike CA ready for Moab Bike Festival


Moab Skinny Tire Blog Series

This is a series of posts dedicated to my Moab Skinny Tire Festival 2016 experience.

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