Bike seat? or Saddle?


Which is it? – a bike seat or saddle?

Not intending to confuse customers,  but a retail marketing display of inventory loaded with good looking, sleek, cool, comfortable, sturdy, light… see where I’m going with this?… does not help me to know what to call that one component I’m allowed to “sit” upon when bike riding. 

I call it a saddle to be mostly right.  For me, the term saddle suggests a ride with unexpected twists and turns, holding on with feet and hands, moving fast, ready for adventure or a fun-venture. “Saddle” seems to be most commonly used in bike shops.

I think of seat as a piece of furniture that doesn’t need to move with me.  “Seat” implies that I can settle in, my weight is distributed for comfort, and I don’t need to contend with anything else, least of all; balance. According to Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Technical Info, a prolific reference site, when referring to recumbent style bikes, the term seat may be used because the way the rider sits is different than on a standard bike because of the total body weight distribution. Never the less, recumbent cyclists are not to be categorically described as laid back. I have yet to meet one who is not riding for fun, adventure, and fitness.

So which is the term to use? Among most cycling enthusiasts and bike shop employees, the most commonly used term is…

Saddle  (I’d “ride” with this term)

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