Go for a bike festival – Riders or not, here they come.

I wonder what an agenda would look like for friends or family members who want to come for this 4-day road bike festival even though they’re not registered participants; non-riders?

Road tripping to the bike festival in Moab was originally our youngest daughter’s idea. Not only can we share the driving but we can plan to spend more fun time together after my rides. I am so excited about this trip. However, thinking ahead as I’m making more logistical arrangements, I’m wondering, “What will she do while I’m out on my ride? Is she interested in doing something active, watching pedaling participants ride by from strategic vantage points or socializing and taking in the festival atmosphere?”Maybe she’ll prefer to venture out on her own to see the local features of the area. I truly hope she will get to enjoy her time whether her notion is to simply support me and see her first road bike festival at a fabulous and well-known location or trust that she’ll have a great time for different reasons…perhaps to enjoy something else active. How do I come up with a list of possible activities or arrange for one of my biggest fans to come along for the “ride” and have some fun too?  Here are a few tips on where to begin.

When guests need things to do, I start my search using these top 3 sources.

  1. Bike Festival website
  2. Organizer’s newsletter
  3. Host community connections

When I registered for the Moab Skinny Tire road bike festival, it was December 1st, 2015.  I went directly to their website and visited every page (My favorites are The Latest News and Ride Descriptions). I proceeded to view pages of information, bookmark some for quick reference, and click through their Photo Galleries.  Even the Moab weather widget grabbed my attention. Now I’m on alert to take a look at the weather as time gets closer to the ride weekend. I always make sure to check out the website’s search function; there may be some hidden but relevant pages!

One click landed me on a sign-up page so I thought, “Why not subscribe to their Join the Ride e-newsletter?” These days you can unsubscribe safely if you don’t get what you are promised. Experience also reminds me that newsletters from the organizers of my event are focused on what’s in it for me; sharing links and resources to make me a satisfied customer. It’s also a great vehicle to show off the area’s local businesses, people, surrounding activities, and feature the history and local lore that I might regret missing during my visit to a destination road bike festival.

I eagerly subscribed to the “Moab Skinny Tire Events e-Newsletter .”  I knew this would be a good deal because they told me I would receive “important information” about their “three road cycling events.” They did emphasize that it is the source.  Since I don’t care to be responsible for remembering to check a website regularly, this was a perfect option for my needs and for my curious nature.

Want a taste of road biking and something else?

Moab Skinny Tire’s latest delivery to my email box highlights an event I would have missed.  I am surprised to find out there is another event going on at the same location and during part of my road bike festival. This one is for people who undertake both running and cycling. The Moab Half Marathon organization is working together with the Skinny Tire Festival so you can register for a package deal; run one day and ride the next day! Both organizations are accepting volunteers. Now as I see it, this one event offers something practically perfect for almost everyone but certainly someone.  The half marathon runner is up for the long run, the 5-mile run is for someone who wants to spend less time on the run but enjoys being with others while taking in the excitement and scenery by foot. The volunteers get to look forward to interacting with festival-goers and other volunteers, but a very important aspect of their job is supporting and encouraging participating cyclists.

The host event’s community connections which are basically local businesses and organizations, usually have favorite activities and places they are happy to share.  I like to go straight to the Chamber of Commerce. They have active relationships with their businesses and community.  It is the best place for a visitor to have a “conversation” with someone who makes certain you find what you need. Here’s a list of 8 more resources that may connect you and your guests with something perfect:

  1. Independent bike shops
  2. Bike clubs and organizations
  3. Local newspapers and magazines
  4. City recreation departments
  5. Nearby colleges
  6. Realtors
  7. Public Transportation
  8. Park Rangers

Make it quick and easy to access all bike festival information. 

This great idea is especially helpful when my calendar begins to fill with several bike riding events and dates! See how it works for you.

From your favorite browser: (I use Google Chrome and the Skinny Tire Festival website as an example)

  1. Select the page you will want to access again (Ride Description)
  2. Click on the bookmark icon  or  “bookmark this page”
  3. Name the bookmark so it makes sense to you (3 Skinny Tire Rides)
  4. Create a “new folder” to store bookmarks for this event only (Moab) – Click Done
  5. Go to the browser’s Bookmarks manager and move the Moab folder to the top of the list so that it becomes visible and handy on your browser’s Bookmarks (menu) Bar

I find my schedule is fairly full at the moment – getting my bike and myself ready for this Moab Skinny Tire Festival along with normal daily life. But I have fun thinking about one of our daughters sharing a one-way road trip and spending part of the weekend with me.  Hey… I have some handy ideas if she wants to explore some possibilities in her own time.  Check out mom’s blog category: Bike Festivals or Moab 60 Day Countdown.

Moab Skinny Tire Blog Series

This is a series of posts dedicated to my Moab Skinny Tire Festival 2016 experience.


  1. Julie Ingram

    Fun read dear friend

    • Thanks Julie, my bike buddy for many years. Our experiences will certainly be the subject of many posts to come. I credit you, based on our many bike rides together, for pointing out that regardless of the weather or stress of the day, every day is fantastic when I’m riding my bike!

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