Bike seat? or Saddle?

  Which is it? – a bike seat or saddle? Not intending to confuse customers,  but a retail marketing display of inventory loaded with good looking, sleek, cool, comfortable, sturdy, light… see where I’m going with this?… does not help me to know what to call that one component I’m allowed to “sit” upon when bike riding.  I call it a saddle to be...
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What is it about my bike saddle?

Why is it so challenging to find one that “works”?  How do I know if my bike saddle is the perfect one for me? It SIMPLY MUST FIT.  Shopping for a bike saddle compares with trying to find the perfect pair of shoes…It’s personal. Browsing with no real intent is interesting but when I must have the perfect fit solution, I think ahead. Keeping in mind my purpose I jot down a...
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Roll-in ready & on time for road bike events

What is the best approach to use in order to be “ready and on time?” It’s truly personal. Simply be sure you DO have an approach, call it tactics, and make it your own. I begin with “pre-panic”.  That’s right, I pre-panic or intensely prepare and therefore seldom see the need to get panicky when the unexpected inevitably happens. It’s one “exercise” that leads...
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Go for a bike festival – Riders or not, here they come.

I wonder what an agenda would look like for friends or family members who want to come for this 4-day road bike festival even though they’re not registered participants; non-riders? Road tripping to the bike festival in Moab was originally our youngest daughter’s idea. Not only can we share the driving but we can plan to spend more fun time together after my rides. I am so excited...
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Multi-day road biking tips – Ready in 60 days

Registering for my first multi-day road biking event is easy but I now realize the countdown for CHECK-IN is 60 days! Follow my blog over 60 days. I’ll highlight tasks, aha moments, resources and multi-day road biking tips.  For a few years now, I anxiously await my friend’s posts with snapshots from her days of road biking at this annual festival in Moab, Utah.  Still smiling, with some...
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