Ageless Athletes

Amazing & Inspiring, Ageless Athletes Are the Story.

What motivates Ageless Athletes to perform above and beyond your expectations for “older adults”? How they “get there” and become known as “Ageless Athletes” is noteworthy. While these men and women crave activity and adventure, as contenders in “their” sport for the 50+ age group, the joy from the competition is much more than crossing the”finish line”. Are they like most athletes, eating wholesome food, getting plenty of rest, training vigorously, and seldom wavering from routine?

Their story could very well reveal ~ something else.

Does your 50+ age group use an appropriate label?

Discuss with “older adults”, their preference for a name that best depicts their demographics and you’ll hear a variety. Herein lies a dilemma brought to light from NPR’s poll, (Survey Reveals Despised And Acceptable Terms For Aging). Aimed at reviewing terms “describing older adults and the aging process”, most traditional terms are deemed unsuitable. According to less than half of the older people surveyed, there are only a few terms that are “ok”.

Does it matter that older adults have a group identity?

Riff Markowitz, Producer of the Palm Springs Follies tells it like it is;

“They say you’re only as old as you feel. Well, you’re not as old as you feel. You’re as old as you are, and if you feel good then you’re as old as you are old and you feel good.” (Quoted for NPR On Aging: ‘Silver Tsunami’ And Other Terms That Can Irk The Over-65 Set)

An age-old question to ask the honoree at their birthday celebrations is, “Hey- how does it feels to be … (insert age)?” And how often is the reply, “I don’t know? How should I feel at “this” age?” Chances are at any age, if you’re having a good time celebrating and actively enjoying life, you feel great.

In another example addressing competitive athletes, a popular local surf competition organized their contenders in groups according to their age – the last group being called up to compete was called, with all “dude” respect; “50 to Dead”. Frankly, the announcer, judges, spectators, and other surfers held these competitors in high esteem. These older surfers had more years of experience represented in that group than any other and they were still doing it. – surfing, competing and loving it. My guess is when they were asked, “How do you feel? they responded with, “I feel good!” On that day, surfing with the athletes aged “50 to Dead” was “cool”. Age doesn’t’ define who they are; decide their unique qualities or how they feel. If you’re an athlete in the older adult or senior group, you surely feel awesome.

Nonetheless, when the time comes; support, services, products, technology, activities and events, and all things marketed, aim to meet the needs of this significant group in the aging population.

Everyone agrees that years of living reflects years of experience. Giving a name to an age group offers a frame of reference and kind of “time-in-grade”, a single identifier that allows a way to relate, support and promote. When people within an age group are significant enough to be labeled, they are impactful enough to pay attention. Ageless Athletes are just such a group. Tap into their story and benefit from the enduring positive mindset of these senior athletes.


SomethingElse Active (S.E.A.) sets the Ageless Athlete stage.

  • “Ageless” is a term we use to recognize something that is “time-honored”; meaning you are not limited by the number of years you’ve been alive, but living to enjoy benefits of those years.
  • Ageless Athletes aren’t about to let life simply happen “at” them. Moreover, they actively seek and initiate something for themselves, personal and unique; something else that would not naturally come about but develop extraordinarily.
  • Ageless Athletes don’t entertain limiting thoughts or chose “age” to define athleticism. Moreover, they do hold qualities that inspire, motivate, and endure.
  • Remarkable athletic performance by older adults is not an anomaly or the result of a medical breakthrough; it is a relentless positive mindset that is key.

With you in mind, SomethingElse Active pulls and aggregates content about Ageless Athletes -champions of positive mindset embracing fitness.


6 Common assumptions about Ageless Athletes:

  • Working for living expenses is no longer on their daily agenda or on the horizon for that matter.
  • Many retire in the traditional sense while some enter retirement supporting a trending new concept.
  • Physical and mental fitness is honored and valued.
  • Resoundingly, they are sustained by the camaraderie fostered through competition and events.
  • Everyone strives to challenge their Personal Best
  • Almost all are thrilled with the prospect of continuing to learn to advanced techniques and new ways improve performance in their sports.


What’s in the Ageless Athlete’s story, for you?

  • It’s “personal” for each senior athlete as is the impact for those of you drawn to his or her story.
  • S.E.A. believes you’ll spot something that resonates with you in a personal way. With your perspective, take away and apply that which piques your interest or sparks curiosity from our selection of ageless athlete stories.
  • You’ll appreciate their positive mindset and ideas about whole fitness: both physical and mental support the quality of wellness. Purpose and passion take these athletes from fun participation in their sport to a gratifying competitive level experience.
  • Ageless Athletes are an inspiration for all who are or want to be perpetually active. They inspire you to build confidence from qualities like courage and strength. Their motivation for pushing the limits of endurance with determination and perseverance
  • What keeps them going is more than the competition, awards, or striving for a Personal Best. Through it all, their experiences reveal many aspects of camaraderie and are highly valued in keeping these athletes involved in their sport.
  • Although Ageless Athletes are exclusive by minimum age, an encouraging message to understand about senior athletes, musicians, artists, writers, actors, and others driven in their work is that they are still doing what they love, because they’re good at it, and they can still “deliver”. As one story is told, a famous ultra-endurance runner, well into the senior athlete arena, was asked by one of his fans, how long he thought he would be able to continue running. He replied (with no mention of age) that he would run so long as he could still love it.

While it could be representative of any group defined by age, just as practice makes perfect, more experience brings depth, and freedom to create your own contest challenges as you move toward your “best ever” accomplishment and personal best performance. For this reason, the term “ageless” is a positive descriptor. You can let your personal clock tick or set it for ageless – “without limits because of time”.