Active Connections

If you’re interested in discovering ways to sustain your passion for living actively, have an appetite for investigating healthy choices that are so good you just have to share, and you enjoy socializing with like-minded active people, Active Connections is not only a good place to start but a place you’ll want to return.

“Active Connections” is a source of ideas and insights about:

  • Ageless athletes
  • Many styles of biking
  • A variety of hiking experiences
  • Food that is as good and tasty as it looks

Susan Squire Packer is Principal Aggregator at SomethingElse Active.  Susan created this “container” of dynamic pages in order to actively access and easily share with S.E.A. users, the material that appears in the website content and beyond.  The number one priority is to provide links to primary sources whenever possible.

Here you’ll find:

  • S.E.A.  visitors get free access to this service of useful information which includes links and other ways to connect to expertise, events, ideas, organizations, and products. Whether Susan and authorized contributors come across inspiring stories or meaningful information, we share them here.
  • “S.E.A. Resource pages are dynamic as we off-load, upload, and log our growing inventory. If I cannot part with a “find”, it’s a “keeper” and I share it. Each Active Connection Resource page is dedicated to a single relevant S.E.A. topic.  I’m excited to share this source containing all kinds of media, data, and links that pique my interest with SomethingElse Active in mind. Connect with me, Susan Squire Packer, when you want to share a resource with our audience.

Venture out and enjoy your own refreshing and remarkable experience.  S.E.A. supports the benefits of being physically active in countless outdoor sports and activities but Susan’s focus is on cycling, hiking, and healthy tasty food.

Take a look at the following main topics organized on respective S.E.A resource pages :

Ageless Athletes:

Stories that inspire and motivate, fitness, training, events, sports nutrition, active variety, popular events, international, volunteer…



 “Apps for that, active destinations, choosing active wherever you travel, equipment transport…



Food characteristic, science, nutrition, trends, appeal, menus, recipes…


Biking and Cycling

The gear, styles of  riding, types of bikes, bike friendly places, equipment, and accessories, training…



Hiking takes “gear” too, rules of and for nature, all seasons prep…


S.E.A. resources are intended to help visitors find information relevant to our core value and topics.  Advertisers and/or promoters of specific for-profit products and services are requested to submit an online inquiry.  Thank you.