If you’re looking ahead to many active years, you’ll want to explore new ways to share activities, try something new, and actively go for more of what you already crave. For everyone who embraces an active lifestyle,¬†SomethingElse Active is meant to be the one place where you find useful resources supporting your healthy active lifestyle.

Here is where you may discover something other than the ordinary… perhaps, remarkable.


SomethingElse Active (S.E.A) offers limitless perspective on:

  • Remarkable ageless athletes and sometimes surprising motives that drive them to success.
  • Travel focused on hiking, biking, or playing and training for outdoor activities.
  • Refreshing concepts for simply tasty good eats on the go, at home, and on the road.
  • ‚Ä®Resources that help you achieve goals, connect with expertise, share the social in your active community, and explore ways to support causes, activities, and organizations.
  • Activities, events, videos, books, art, and products offering choices for your unique active lifestyle.